The Detroit News Sings Praises of 2018 Mazda6

With its stylish looks, sharp handling, and new turbocharged engine, it's no wonder the 2018 Mazda6 has been turning heads among both consumers and critics alike. The most recent of these accolades came July 4th from The Detroit Press, who ran the sedan through its paces for a week before sharing their findings.



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2018 CX-9 Gets Top Marks in Government Crashworthiness Ratings

Mazda knows that drivers often choose three-row SUVs for convenient family use. That's a large part of why the manufacturer outfitted its own full-size crossover with an array of safety features. The 2018 CX-9 offers a long list of both passive and active features aimed at keeping passengers out of harm's way. These safety preparations are so substantial that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the CX-9 a full five-star rating for crashworthiness.



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The Mazda Miata Will Get a Power Boost for 2019

The new Mazda Miata is getting a power boost for 2019. Its 2.0-liter gas engine will be bumped up to 181 horsepower, a 26-horsepower upgrade from its current 155. The engine will also pack a higher redline—7,500 RPM instead of 6,800—thanks to lighter internals and revised valve springs. The Japanese site Car Watch also reports that the 2019 Miata will feature a new dual-mass flywheel that will transfer fewer vibrations to the occupants, along with a new muffler that will cut down on high-frequency sounds.


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One Cool Car

When you're looking for a cool car under $20,000, the 2018 Mazda3 is the coolest. You might think that we're biased since we're a Mazda dealership, but we aren't the only ones who think this way. The 2018 Mazda3 is number one on Kelley Blue Book's list of 10 Coolest New Cars Under $20,000. This should come as no surprise, though. After all, this isn't the first time the Mazda3 won that award; it has been the coolest car under $20,000 for five years in a row now. In fact, it…

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The Brand New 2019 Mazda CX-3 is Coming This Month

In 2018, Kelly Blue Book picked Mazda as the recipient of one of its annual Best Performance Brand awards. It didn't earn that honor for nothing. It won it by providing drivers with a vehicle lineup that combines attractive designs and comfortable interiors with a level of performance that supersedes all expectations.

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On Display at the 2018 New York International Auto Show

This gasoline engine utilizes compression-ignition, which is the same process by which a diesel engine ignites the fuel. This new engine design is expected to be 20- to 30-percent more efficient than today's engines. Also, the SKYACTIV-X engine will be the world's first commercially available gasoline compression-ignition engine.

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Redefined Mazda CX-3 Makes an Appearance at 2018 New York International Auto Show

The new Mazda CX-3, bringing an update from its first trend-setting design, aims for an aesthetic that is both compelling and exciting. The beautifully sculpted exterior embraces the core of Mazda vehicle design which it exemplifies with the use of KODO-Soul of Motion design. Slide behind the wheel, and you'll notice the redesigned front seats offer a driver-focused design with the use of premium materials and high-quality construction. Push on the gas pedal and embrace the lively performance of the SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter engine that produces 148 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque.

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Mazda Looks to Improve MPG Performance--By Improving Its Batteries

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How often do you think about the battery in your car? The one that helps run those behind-the-scenes features, that gets your engine going, and that really is responsible for a lot?

Probably not very often. Because nobody really talks about the humble battery.

But, the Mazda brand has some big plans for the little component that helps the "Zoom Zoom" happen.

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Mazda Teams up With Toyota for a New American Manufacturing Venture

One of the upcoming new Mazda models we here in Madison, WI are looking forward to is yet another crossover to join our lineup. And while that vehicle will be exciting by its own right, it's how it's being made that has our attention. The recent announcement that Mazda will partner up with Toyota in a new manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL means more American-made cars from our favorite brand – as well as from another popular automaker.

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