What is Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology?


Every manufacturer does things a little bit differently which is what drives such fierce competition between them all. Mazda employs what they call SKYACTIV® technology into their vehicles, but many of you might not know that that means. Our team at Don Miller Mazda wants to help you get the most knowledge about new Mazda models as you can, helping you see why their lineup is sure to have a model that will meet your needs.


What does SKYACTIV® Technology do?

SKYACTIV® starts with the engine; the innovative design of Mazda engines allows it to reach higher compression rations, which gives you better performance and better fuel efficiency. The newest gasoline-powered SKYACTIV® engine – the SKYACTIV®-X – blends compression-ignition (which is what diesel engines use) with the traditional spark-ignition to provide you with all-around better performance metrics. Not only does this make a better ride for you, but it produces cleaner emissions to help protect the environment. Other SKYACTIV® engines include the SKYACTIV®-G and the SKYACTIV®-D for gasoline and diesel respectively.

It doesn’t stop there though because the goal of the SKYACTIV® technology is for a better experience for every minute that you are behind the wheel, which extends to every aspect of the vehicle. Mazda adopts the idea of Jinba-Ittai driving: the vehicle is an extension of your body. This means that the SKYACTIV® engine, SKYACTIV® transmission, and SKYACTIV® architecture all work together for a smooth and exhilarating ride.


Feel What SKYACTIV® Can Do for You

It is one thing to read about the advantages, but another to actually experience them, which is why we want to schedule you for a test drive in the Mazda model that has all of the features that will meet the needs of your life. With a lineup ranging from sedan to SUV, we are sure that there will be a perfect Mazda model for you.

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